Frequently Asked Questions

Luna Llena Hotel


All visitors require a valid passport to access the country. For more detailed information, visit Instituto Nacional de Migracion.

Luna Llena Hotel


The closest International airport is Cancun (CUN), 120 kms. distance from Tulum.

Luna Llena Hotel


The international country code is +52. Luna Llena Ph# +52 984 871 2901 or +1 786 393 6096


Tulum is a Mexican magic town, due to its nature is off the grid. Power is available by generators.Voltage supply is 110V as in the United States. The plugs are flat strips 2 or 3 bands (2 flat and round). If you are visiting from an European type outlet you will need an adaptor to plub your electronic devices.


The official currency is the Mexican peso, although most of the country American dollars are accepted. In Tulum (and most all of Mexico), cash is the most common form of payment. Mexican Pesos and US Dollars are accepted everywhere, however it is recommended to carry smaller money denominations as some local businesses often run out of change.


We ask that all of our guests purchase Travel Insurance, which is generally inexpensive but can really save a lot of emotional distress if an unforeseen event occurs. You should make sure that your Travel Insurance covers you for airline flight and accommodation cancellation due to hurricanes or other situations where flights are mandatorily cancelled. Of course you should also get coverage for accident, illness, medical evacuation and theft.


Most banks will change foreign currency and traveler’s checks during certain hours of the day — usually before 1:30pm. In addition, it should be easy to find “Casa de Cambio” that change foreign currency into pesos all day long and into the night. Quite often, the money exchange booth will give a slightly better than bank rate during banking hours but a less attractive rate when the banks are closed. For changing money in the bank, please take with you the passport together with a copy of it. Banks are open from 9 am to 4 pm from Mon-Fri. HSBC also on Saturdays morning.


ATMs in Tulum pueblo are dispensing Mexican Pesos. Please be aware there is a daily withdrawal limit at the ATM’s, currently $5000 pesos. Credit cards are not widely accepted in the area.


Tulum enjoys a tropical climate with a dry season (November - April) and a wet season (May - October). January, February (winter) and March day temperatures usually sit between 75 – 80F (23 – 26C), however, cool off in the evenings with temperatures between 60 – 66F (16 - 19C). Wind factor can make temperatures seem cooler and long pants and light sweaters are recommended at this time of year. May, June, July and August, our spring/summer months, see frequent rainfall, although more breaks in the rainfall in July and August, and although the temperatures are higher than other months, it is the humidity that makes day seem hotter 85F plus degrees (32C).


The official hurricane season is between September and November.


Summer or spring clothing, a sweater or jacket for cool evenings, especially in winter (November to March). During the rainy season it is advisable to bring a light raincoat and compact. For excursions to archaeological sites are a must practical and comfortable shoes. And for the beaches, take your swimming gear and snorkeling equipment.


Don't forget to take a good biodegrasun lotion with high screen and to apply it liberally. Walking around in the sun, with few trees, can easily lead to sun burn. And the cool sea breeze may just take your mind off the sun until it is too late. Don't forget the tip of the ears, feet and back of the knees and neck. They are specially painful and easily forgotten ...


We suggest you purchase biodegradable repellent sprays to keep bite-free . They definitively appear at sunset and after dark. All our room doors and windows do have mosquito net.


We suggest you do not drink water from the tab, you provide you with daily complimentary bottled water in your room.


Be aware that there are no lifeguards on duties on  the beach in Tulum.+


Maria del Mar Boutique Hotel is proud to adhere to a philosophy of sustainable tourism, with low environment impact and eco-friendly practices, innovating some new ones, as well as a commitment for the development of the local community.


The best protection for your valuables is to leave most of them at home, especially expensive jewelry. Keep your valuables in the hotel safety deposit box.


There are two hospitals in Tulum fully-equipped to attend any emergency or necessity. Hospital de Tulum and Costamed count also with a well-provided pharmacy with 24 hours service. Or, you will find several pharmacies also in the town, open 24 hrs. Do not forget to ask for proof of the visit to the doctor for your insurance.


The artisan tradition of Mexico offers innumerable products. Also specific to the territory of some regions. Very wide variety of colorful and decorative objects, which are located both in the markets and in shops with an extraordinary abundance of handicrafts, hamacas, textiles, flowers, fruit and vegetables and art objects.


Mexican food is one of the richest in the world and is recognized worldwide for its exquisite taste. Some of the traditional ingredients in Mexico are corn, tomato, chili, beans and meat varieties. Also excel fruits, especially papaya, pineapple, mango, orange or watermelon and many others. Mexican food is known to be seasoned with exotic chili, which gives the perfect touch of spiciness. Be sure to try the famous guacamole, made from avocados, onions and cilantro, accompanied of course traditional corn tortillas. many others, we emphasize the typical tequila and mezcal, rum or gin. Mexico also has a very tasty beer, being the second largest exporter worldwide.


Most service employees in Mexico count on tips for the majority of their income, and this is especially true for bellboys and waiters. Generally it is estimated 10% of the total bill.


The highway from Cancun airport to Tulum is the 307. It is a wide, all the way south to Tulum, taking it leaving the airport, all the way through Playa del Carmen. It takes between one & half to two hours driving. When you enter the town of Tulum, you will come to some traffic lights with a large supermarket called San Francisco on your right. At these lights, head about 2.5 kms . south, till you’ ll reach a restaurant called “Aguachiles” on your left side. Turn left and then on the first road on the right and drive for 1.5 kms. till finding a small panel with Luna Llena written on it.


We can arrange a private transportation from Cancun airport to our hotel. You may contact our concierge desk with number of guests and flight information at


Cancun Airport is the largest car rental location in the area with most of the major car rental companies located within the grounds of the airport (Avis, Hertz, Thrifty, Budget, etc.). After selecting your car, you will be required to purchase a Mexican car insurance. However for your convenience we suggest that you make your car rental arrangements prior to your trip.


Taxis are plentiful in Tulum, and in fact, are the most used form of transportation in this town. You'll easily be able to pick them out on the streets thanks to the fact that they are white hatchbacks with either a red stripe along the side along with a four digit number. Make note of the number because this will be what you'll need to know if you need to report lost goods, or give commentary to the taxi service about your driver. Taxis can typically be found outside of the most popular tourist destinations including resorts, beaches, shopping centers, and restaurants, and you can also call and have a driver pick you up wherever you need a ride in town.